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Cryptopay is the quickest and easiest way to get started accepting cryptocurrency payments. We help innovative businesses around the world incorporate cryptocurrencies into their payment flows.
Your cryptocurrency gateway
Whether your customer is buying shoes, a plane ticket or topping up an account - we provide a guaranteed exchange rate, manage any price volatility and charge a flat 1% transaction fee.
Accept cryptocurrency payments
Accept cryptocurrency payments from your customers and receive funds straight to your bank account. We settle payments daily in multiple currencies.
Increase international conversion rates
Process sales from customers worldwide without having to rely on or manage local payment methods.
Pay-ins and Pay-outs
Allow your customers to credit and debit account balances with cryptocurrencies. Send and receive business payments globally in just seconds.
No. More. Chargebacks.
Wave goodbye to fraudulent customers and enjoy complete control of your funds. Only you decide when a refund is legitimate.
The most flexible payments API for cryptocurrencies around
Each business has different requirements. Whether you want a plug-and-play gateway for e-commerce, an on-brand checkout, rule-based processing, or need to pull out everything into your payments management system, we have you covered.
      curl -X POST \ \
        -H 'Authorization: HMAC ***' \
        -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
        -H 'Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 10:11:40 GMT' \
        -d '{"price_amount":"320", "price_currency":"EUR", "pay_currency":"BTC"}'
Comprehensive merchant back office

Our merchant back office provides extensive reporting in an intuitive interface. It also makes managing multiple logins for larger payments teams a breeze.

Access transaction histories, sub-accounts, multiple APIs, currency accounts, permission-based accesses and so much more.

Invoice #849764982O
Invoice amount
320.0 EUR
Invoice price
0.08837223 BTC
Exchange rate
1 BTC = 3,621.0473 EUR
Amount received
0.08837223 BTC
Amount credited
316.8 EUR
Service fee
3.2 EUR
Custom ID
Invoice address
2MxQ61 ... oziYj5
Cryptopay team
Dmitry Gunyashov
Founder and CEO
Anton Gudyrev
Head of Integrations
Albina Dayanova
Head of Account Management
Stanislav Petuhov
Head of Operations
Desislava Stranska
Head of Sales and Partnerships
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