Cryptopay Business card

Managing your business expenses has just become as easy as using a bank card

Pay for your business needs with crypto, enjoy high spending limits and reduce your operational costs

Do you find it hard to spend your crypto as a business?

Getting your crypto to a corporate bank account involves many steps, and you get charged at every single one.

Rejected business card applications and payment reversals are something many entrepreneurs know only too well.

Spending your crypto earnings on your business needs seems nearly impossible

Rejected applications

You're denied a business card. Some business industries find it much harder to get approved for a traditional business card

Increased costs

You find available expense management solutions ineffective. Using a business card can reduce expense management costs by up to 29%

High fees

You’re losing money on commissions. To convert crypto to fiat, you first have to send the money to an exchange (1), then do the exchange (2), then top up your сard (3). This process can be optimised

Delegation issues

Your trustees and top management are denied a business card, which puts restrictions on your business

Streamline your expenses and spend your earningsStreamline your expenses and spend your earningsStreamline your expenses and spend your earningsStreamline your expenses and spend your earnings

Streamline your expenses and spend your earnings

The Cryptopay Business card allows you to free your business from these restrictions. Whether you're a vibrant startup, a mature visionary or a one-man army, we'll help you operate effectively in the digital marketspace. We take care of your spendings, so you can concentrate on your growth


Costs of using the wrong solution

Without a business card

Without a business card

  • Paying bills takes hours or days
  • High transaction costs
  • Manual expense reporting
With the Cryptopay Business card

With the Cryptopay Business card

  • Instant settlement of bills
  • Crypto friendly (use crypto to pay for
    operating costs, business trips and hospitality)
  • Direct card top-up and reduced costs
  • Automatic reporting for all your card operations
    (debit, credit, exchange, etc.)
Ready to apply for your Cryptopay Business card?
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Ready to apply for your Cryptopay Business card?

Spend your crypto on business needs, make near-instant payments and feel safe with world-class security!


Break the restrictions with Cryptopay Business

An ideal card for your business by Cryptopay

  • Pass KYB and sign the agreement
  • Issue the Cryptopay Business card on the Cryptopay Merchant Management Portal
  • Pay your expenses with your business card
  • Track all spendings easily with automated Business Reporting
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Enjoy the benefits of a business card

Enjoy the benefits of a business card

Higher spend limits

Compared to regular consumer cards

Easy apply

A single KYB for registering and ordering the card

Spend your crypto

Easily top up the card with your crypto earnings

Track every penny

Automated detailed reporting on all expenditures

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Business card

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