Mass Crypto Payouts

Enjoy the benefits of crypto payouts even if you don’t hold crypto

Pay thousands of employees, customers, affiliates, service providers and freelancers in a few clicks. Crypto payouts is a faster, cheaper and safer alternative to traditional transfers

How it works


Upload a list of recipients

You don’t need any tech knowledge or complex integration – just a simple CSV file with addresses and amounts

Add Online Checkout

Check everything is correct

Assign two roles – a performer and a reviewer – to leave no room for errors

Add Online Checkout

Make thousands of payouts in a click

Pay in 15+ cryptocurrencies from any crypto or fiat wallet. Exchange is automatic and the payouts are sent right away

Add Online Checkout
Add Online CheckoutAdd Online CheckoutAdd Online Checkout

Do you want to automate your payouts?

Mass payouts API

Automated payroll system allows you to pay your employees and affiliates in crypto, following your own schedule. No more tedious work, everything is done for you automatically

Strengthen your business with Crypto Payouts

Reduce transactional costs and reach more people by paying in crypto!

Reach new customers

Top talent wants to be paid in crypto

24/7 instant payouts

no weekend downtimes

Never touch crypto

Make payouts from a fiat wallet

Save on fees

Save on fees – cheaper processing fees than with traditional payment processors

Save time

Send thousands of payouts in a few clicks

Automated payouts

Set up a schedule to pay automatically

Streamline your expenses and spend your earningsStreamline your expenses and spend your earningsStreamline your expenses and spend your earningsStreamline your expenses and spend your earnings

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Grow your business

Reach new customers and increase revenue with Cryptopay Business!

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Tailored to your business needs

We’ll help you get to the next level, no matter your industry type

Employees salaries

Affiliate rewards

Freelance Commissions

Service providers payouts

Why Cryptopay Business


years on the market


Incidents. $0k in lost funds

7 mln

Processed transactions


Annual transaction volume

Do you want to accept crypto payments?

Payment links

Sell online without a website! Create and share payment links with your customers via email, messengers and social media


Design your own payment experience with full control over interface. Get access to extra functionality, while making sure that the payment flow looks and feels like you